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A research project devoted to uncovering and archiving the history of Performance Art in Wales.

Prosiect ymchwil i ddadorchuddio ac archifo hanes Celf Perfformio yng Nghymru.

Winner of the David Bradby TaPRA Award for Research in International Theatre and Performance 2011.

If you have any information on performance in Wales that could be of use to the project, please get in touch!

Whether you are an artist who has made performance work in Wales, or an audience member who once witnessed a performance (voluntarily or involuntarily!), we would be pleased to hear from you.
Any material will be of interest - from actual pieces of documentation to vague memories of events caught out of the corner of one's eye.

Cysylltwch â ni os oes gennych unrhyw wybodaeth am berfformio yng Nghymru a allai fod o ddefnydd i'r prosiect!

Efallai eich bod yn artist sydd wedi gwneud gwaith perfformio yng Nghymru, neu'n aelod o gynulleidfa a welodd berfformiad unwaith (o'ch gwirfodd neu'n anwirfoddol!). Pwy bynnag ydych chi, hoffem glywed gennych.
Bydd unrhyw ddeunydd o ddiddordeb - o ddogfennau gwreiddiol i atgofion amwys am ddigwyddiadau a welwyd o gornel y llygad.
Mae'r manylion cyswllt wedi'u rhestru dan 'Cyswllt' yma, neu gallwch anfon e-bost i'r cyfeiriad hwn:

Project Director Cyfarwyddwr Prosiect: Heike Roms
Dept Theatre, Film and Television Studies, Aberystwyth University
Adran Astudiaethau Theatr, Ffilm a Theledu Prifysgol

Contact: Professor Heike Roms
Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies
Adran Astudiaethau Theatr, Ffilm a Theledu Prifysgol
Aberystwyth University
Adeilad Parry-Williams Building
Aberystwyth SY23 3AJ,
UK phone ffon: (+44) 1970 - 621911 (direct uniongyrchol)

Funded by Wedi ei drawsgronni gan:

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What's Welsh for Performance? Beth yw 'performance' yn Gymraeg?

Doctoral Research



AHRC Studentships in connection with What's Welsh for Performance?

Two AHRC Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded Collaborative PhD studentships are linked to the project.

AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award 2013-2016

Do Networks Have Margins? Locating the Avant-garde of the 1960s: The performance works of Ivor Davies at Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales

Aberystwyth Universityand Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales

Doctoral Researcher: Judit Bodor

The doctoral project examines the role that international networking activities played in the development of performance art in the UK in the 1960s. It undertakes its analysis through the lens of one of the seminal international art gatherings of the period, the Destruction in Art Symposium (DIAS) in London 1966, and one of its key contributors, Welsh artist and activist Ivor Davies. Today widely regarded as one of the foremost figures in contemporary art in Wales, Davies created in the 1960s a series of performance works involving explosives under the influence of Destruction in Art, which he showed in Durham, Bristol, Swansea and Edinburgh, and at DIAS in London. These works, of which extensive documentation remains in Davies’s personal collection of papers, shed light on how artistic practices of the 1960s were shaped by transnational aesthetic and political influences on the one hand and local cultural and artistic concerns and conditions of making on the other.

The research will be contributing to a major retrospective of Davies’s work undertaken by Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales (AC-NMW), the collaborative partner in this project, to open in Cardiff in Autumn 2015, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of DIAS and Davies’s 80thbirthday.

Supervised by Professor Heike Roms (Theatre, Film and Television Studies, Aberystwyth University) and Dr Jacqueline Yallop (English and Creative Writing, Aberystwyth University) and Nicholas Thornton (Head of Modern & Contemporary Art, AC-NMW).

AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award 2012-2015

How to Build an Arts Centre? Historical perspectives on engaging local audiences with innovative performance practice: Cardiff’s Chapter Arts Centre in the 1970s

Aberystwyth University and Chapter

Doctoral Researcher: Kerrie Reading

This doctoral project examines past approaches to developing audiences for and encouraging community participation in experimental performance and live art work in Britain. It does so by studying the establishment and early development of Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, one of Europe’s largest multi-disciplinary arts centres, during its formative years in the 1970s. The project offers unprecedented access to Chapter’s unique archive of administrative, programme and marketing files, dating back to its founding in 1971, and to its key personnel. Combining archival research with oral history interviews, the research explores how Chapter’s various audience development initiatives further our knowledge and understanding of the infrastructures that were developed in support of performance art and ‘alternative’ theatre in Britain in the 1970s and the impact these had on the development of local audience communities. The aim is to open up a historical perspective on current debates about the social impact of and community participation in experimental or ‘avant-garde’ performance practice with a view to inform future initiatives in audience development.

Supervised by Professor Heike Roms (Theatre, Film and Television Studies, Aberystwyth University) and Professor Mike Pearson (English and Creative Writing, Aberystwyth University) and Janek Alexander and Elaina Gray (Chapter).