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A research project devoted to uncovering and archiving the history of Performance Art in Wales.

Prosiect ymchwil i ddadorchuddio ac archifo hanes Celf Perfformio yng Nghymru.

Winner of the David Bradby TaPRA Award for Research in International Theatre and Performance 2011.

If you have any information on performance in Wales that could be of use to the project, please get in touch!

Whether you are an artist who has made performance work in Wales, or an audience member who once witnessed a performance (voluntarily or involuntarily!), we would be pleased to hear from you.
Any material will be of interest - from actual pieces of documentation to vague memories of events caught out of the corner of one's eye.

Cysylltwch â ni os oes gennych unrhyw wybodaeth am berfformio yng Nghymru a allai fod o ddefnydd i'r prosiect!

Efallai eich bod yn artist sydd wedi gwneud gwaith perfformio yng Nghymru, neu'n aelod o gynulleidfa a welodd berfformiad unwaith (o'ch gwirfodd neu'n anwirfoddol!). Pwy bynnag ydych chi, hoffem glywed gennych.
Bydd unrhyw ddeunydd o ddiddordeb - o ddogfennau gwreiddiol i atgofion amwys am ddigwyddiadau a welwyd o gornel y llygad.
Mae'r manylion cyswllt wedi'u rhestru dan 'Cyswllt' yma, neu gallwch anfon e-bost i'r cyfeiriad hwn:

Project Director Cyfarwyddwr Prosiect: Heike Roms
Dept Theatre, Film and Television Studies, Aberystwyth University
Adran Astudiaethau Theatr, Ffilm a Theledu Prifysgol

Contact: Professor Heike Roms
Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies
Adran Astudiaethau Theatr, Ffilm a Theledu Prifysgol
Aberystwyth University
Adeilad Parry-Williams Building
Aberystwyth SY23 3AJ,
UK phone ffon: (+44) 1970 - 621911 (direct uniongyrchol)

Funded by Wedi ei drawsgronni gan:

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What's Welsh for Performance? Beth yw 'performance' yn Gymraeg?

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Publication 1- Cyhoeddiad 1

Performing Archives/Archives of Performance

ed. by Gunhild Borggreen and Rune Gade; 480 pages | 75 color plates |
Museum Tusculanum Press - In Between States July 2013; to order click here

Interdisciplinary and global in scope, Performing Archives/Archives of Performance investigates the relationship between live performance and recordings, bringing new—and productive—tensions between permanence and ephemerality into relief. Advancing theoretical understandings and analyzing specific artworks, performances, and archives, the contributors formulate new ways of understanding history, memory, enactment, and intervention, offering major contributions to ongoing critical discussions on performance and its disappearance and reproduction.

with contributions by: Heike Roms; Amelia Jones; Julie Louise Bacon; Peter van der Meijden; Rachel Fensham; Sarah Whatley; Tracy C. Davies; Martha Wilson; and many others.

Publication 2- Cyhoeddiad 2

"The lunatics are on the loose …" EUROPEAN FLUXUS FESTIVALS 1962-1977
publication in English on the occasion of the exhibition "The lunatics are on the loose …" EUROPEAN FLUXUS FESTIVALS 1962-1977

Extensive documentation of 32 selected European Fluxus events in Aachen, Aberystwyth, Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, London, Madrid, Nizza, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Poznan, Rotterdam, Scheveningen, Stockholm, Vilnius, Wiesbaden, Wuppertal

Contributions by Jennifer Burkard, Myriam Kroll, Peter van der Meijden, Susanne Rennert, Henar Rivière Ríos, Heike Roms, Vanja Sisek, Petra Stegmann, Caroline Ugelstad
artistic contributions by Eric Andersen, Philip Corner, Alison Knowles, Jaroslaw Kozlowski, Larry Miller, Ann Noël, Ben Patterson, Tamas St.Turba
Ed. by Petra Stegmann, DOWN WITH ART!, Potsdam

592 pages, handbound, numerous photographs,
42 € (including 7% VAT)
The book can be ordered through


Publication 3 - Cyhoeddiad 3

What's Welsh for Performance? An Oral History of Performance Art in Wales (vol.1)

Interviews with Ivor Davies, Shirley Cameron & Roland Miller, T.E.Jones, J.C.Jones & A.Knight, and Anthony Howell

For more than forty years artists have been creating performances, happenings and other time-based art in Wales, yet their work remains largely confined to half-remembered anecdotes, rumours and hearsay. What's Welsh for Performance? tries to uncover Wales's hidden history of performance in conversations with key artists who have shaped this history since 1968. Their memories, accompanied by extensive documentation, paint a vivid picture of the vibrancy and importance of performance art in Wales and elsewhere.

In English with Welsh introduction. Yn Saesneg gyda chyflwyniad Cymraeg.

Trace Samizdat Press, 2008 ISBN 0955392721 RRP £10 - for more information on where to buy click here.

Publication 4 - Cyhoeddiad 4

Eventful Evidence - Historicizing Performance Art - Heike Roms

Essay published in English and Slovene as 'Dodokovni dokazi / Dogodkovno dokazovanje: Zgodoviniti performans' (translator: Barbara Hribar)
Maska (Issue: History – Experience – Archive) 117–118 (Autumn 2008), pp. 69-77.

Click here for more information on the journal and where to buy it.

Publication 5 - Cyhoeddiad 5

What's Welsh for Performance?: Constructing an Archive of Performance Art in Wales - Heike Roms

This journal article introduces What's Welsh for Performance? (Beth yw 'performance' yn Gymraeg?), a major research project devoted to uncovering and archiving the history of performance art in Wales. Performance art is now widely recognized as representing a vital part of the visual arts in this country, yet one currently searches in vain for any records or critical evaluations of its practices in accounts of Welsh art history. The project is an attempt to address this neglect. The article discusses some of the methodological implications of archiving performance work with reference to the first ten years of the art form after its initial appearance in Wales in 1968, before describing the two main strands of the Welsh performance archive: an online searchable database ( and a publicly staged Oral History series.

Cyfrwng (Media Wales Journal) 5 (2008), pp. 54-72.

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Publication 6 - Cyhoeddiad 6

Performance and Protest by Heike Roms

Heike Roms re-visits the international performance art programme at the National Eisteddfod in 1977.
In conversation with Timothy Emlyn Jones, John Chris Jones and Andrew Knight, she discusses its attempt to connect a radical art practice with local cultural concerns, as well as its legacy.

new welsh review Issue 76, Summer 2007

Click here to buy a copy for £5.40 + £1.00 p&p

Publication 7- Cyhoeddiad 7

Remembering Performance - Heike Roms in conversation with Ivor Davies

An edited transcript of the conversation with Ivor Davies held on 12 October 2006 in Cardiff as part of An Oral History of Performance Art in Wales

Published in: Platfform (Contemporary performance practice in Wales) tri/3 (August 2007), pp. 13-17

For copies please contact :
Wales Arts International
t: + 44 29 2038 3024
f: + 44 29 2039 8778

Publication 8 - Cyhoeddiad 8

trace: installaction artspace 00-05 : André Stitt (editor)

With a foreword by Jimmie Durham and essays by Julie Bacon and Heike Roms

Situated in the house of performance artist Andre Stitt, the Trace Gallery in Cardiff is unique in the UK as a space for installation and performance art, and has been hugely influential in both reacting to and aiding the development of these art forms here. It has also become an international centre, hosting artists and their work from every corner of the world. Essays by artist Julie Bacon and cultural commentator Heike Roms explore the achievements of the gallery and examine the work of some of the many artists who have exhibited there.

* Paperback 96 pages (April 1, 2006)
* Publisher: Seren Books
* Language: English
* ISBN: 1854114085
* Price: 12.99

order from: or

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Publication 9 - Cyhoeddiad 9

The CAT Show: Cardiff Art In Time

Text & edit: André Stitt, report text: Sam Hasler
Photography: Tim Freeman & Matt Skelly

Publication documenting this unique and exhilarating performance art project featuring extensive colour images and text for each artist plus background on the event, students programme, participating music groups and the TRACE archive exhibition that ran concurrently at Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff.

Cardiff Art In Time, affectionately known as the CAT show, was a programme of time based art curated, produced and directed by TRACE Install-Action Artspace, Cardiff. Events took place at TRACE, CSAD [Cardiff School of Art & Design, UWIC] the National Museum of Wales and City Centre locations during February & March 2007.

The programme consisted of live performances by 28 of the foremost internationally recognised artists working in the world today. The programme also included lectures by academics and practitioners, a student programme ‘Catflaps’, selected form art schools in the UK and abroad, an Alumni programme and nightly music events.

Features the work of some of the worlds foremost contemporary performance art exponents including : Justin McKeown , Roddy Hunter, Sinéad O’Donnell, Jeffrey Byrd , Eddie Ladd , Arai Shin Ichi , Paul Granjon , Eve Dent, Kira O’Reilly, Matt Cook .Paul Hurley, Heike Roms, Anthony Howell, Arai Shin Ichi, The Threatmantics, Alastair MacLennon , Phil Babot, Kim Simons, Tim Bromage, Richard Dedomenici, Robin Deacon, Jamie McMurry, Jacuzzi Junta, The Panacea Society, Shaun Caton, Ointment, Julie Andrée T. , Anne Bean, Gustáv ütö , Silvia Ziranek , Clemente Padín, The Heavy Quartet, Richard Powell, Lee Hassall.


ISBN: 978-0-9553927-4-0
180 pgs full colour throughout
Price £12

order from: Trace (PayPal available)


Publication 10 - Cyhoeddiad 10

Inter art actuel (magazine) Québec, numéro 88

With an essay by Heike Roms: 'Quel est le mot gallois pour "performance"? Trente ans d'art action au pays de Galles' / 'What's the Welsh for "performance"? - 30 years of action art in Wales'

en français / in English

Les Editions Intervention, 2004
ISSN 0825-8708.
$7.95 Canadian Dollars

Les Messageries de presse internationale (Canada),
8155, rue Larrey,
H1J 2L5,

T: (514) 374.9661 F: (514) 374.4742.
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